Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spotlight Sunday: Melissa of The ChickadeeShop

I love the chickadeeshop- she has great pictures and I've just looked at her blog. It is distracting- so go check it out and be prepared not to get anything done for a while.


Melissa Clark

My Etsy shop was about 2 years in the making. I had been mulling over scared feelings of opening a shop and finally after a long time I realized I haven’t really got anything to loose so I went for it. Oh boy and it has gone so well for me from the get go!

I am 25 years old and was born into a family strong in the gospel. I got married in the Salt Lake City Temple to Brian Clark when I was 18 years old. Ahhh! I know, 18! But you know what? It has been 7 wonderful years and we have 2 beautiful energetic boys. Ethan is 4 and Jackson is 2.
I have always been an artist. I have studied dance since I was 12 and had the opportunity to study in NYC which was my dream. I have also had some of my paintings featured in the DC Capitol, traveling showcases, and local art galleries. I was Sterling Scholar in Art at my high school and received a scholarship in modern dance at the University of Utah. I quit dancing when I had Ethan and have had the wonderful opportunity to stay at home with my children. Currently I run my Etsy shop and am helping my husband through Graphic Design School at the Uof U. It’s a charmed life and I love it!

The spark of artistry runs through my veins. My father is the Art Director of Deseret Book. So pretty much any book you buy from there he has overseen. So I get the wonderful opportunity every now and then to do a freelance job for them, and my book covers are sold world wide even though they are very few. :) I have always had a sketch book in my pocket and when I head out into the world I always view things, people, and places as inspiration.

My creative process for my wreaths is most inspired by magazines I look through. I like to find rooms that are designed well and then I create a wreath to go into that room. But sometimes I see a cupcake, dress, or a painting and the colors, patterns, and decoration get my brain moving and I pump out at least 20 designs a day into my sketch book. As far as actually creating them takes me a while because of budget and my helpful children. :)

I most cherish my wedding quilt. My mother is a very talented quilter and the shop she works in and her recent quilts were just featured in The Quilting Magazine. My wedding quilt was her first quilt she ever made. We didn’t know anything about batting and we doubled the batting and her hand stitches are about 1” wide. Ha ha ha! We have a good laugh about it every now and then. But every stitch was made with love (and maybe a little anger ha ha!) But it is beautiful antique reds and creams. It completes my room and reminds me of a mother’s love.

As far as promoting goes, I haven’t really dove in head first. Just merely dipped my toes in. I am currently working on fliers to send out locally but as far as online it has been word of mouth, I have created lasting friendships in loyal customers, and I have had a handful of wreaths featured on Etsy’s from page. I think it helps though to renew a listing or a handful of listings every day. I also find that the more product I have the more views I get.

My very favorite 5 movies are Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow, Charade with Audrey Hepburn, The Secret Life of Bees, National Treasure, and the 1945 version of State Fair. My favorite 5 books are The Secret Life of Bees, The Book of Mormon, Cold Sassy Tree, The Awakening, and Garlic and Sapphires. My favorite 5 songs are Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay. Love in a Home by Doris Day, 1234 by Feist, The House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert, and all the Hymns! :)

I find that my faith shines through me as I converse with people from all over the world form every kind of religion. If I make sure to emanate Christ’s love in everything I do I know somewhere out there I will touch a life and change a heart.

If I gave advice to new artists on Etsy I would say patience is a virtue. It took me a while to get featured and noticed. I also just put myself out there and made friends on Etsy that I keep in touch with, I also made sure to take the time to make my messages meaningful and cheerful. I spend a lot of time putting my heart into what I do so that when people see my art they smile and say, now that is different and I like it. Make sure to research, I researched wreaths to see what was selling out there, what wasn’t, and what my competition is. I noticed pretty much all wreaths have the same thing on it. So I challenged myself to create wreaths with items on them that no other wreaths have. Also if you are new you can experiment. Right now I am experimenting with a high price and so far I have had one sale with listing the price high for only a week. So take risks while you are new. Most of all value the people you meet through Etsy.

In 10 years I want to have graduated from Design School, have built my own home, and hopefully be in the process of having my own design show or have my design articles in magazines. I know, big goals but I am not afraid of anything, even failure.

My favorite wreath is The Old Fashion Christmas Wreath
It is me through and through!

These are my top favorite shops on

Selling on Etsy has brought up my confidence to a level of dangerous measures. :) I realize that the skies the limit. There is nothing I can’t achieve with confidence. Also, I have connected with people who will influence me for good for the rest of my life. It has opened doors for me to a new world of friendship. I have loved every outcome since joining Etsy and I am truly grateful for listening to that gut feelilng.


  1. Hey, I got married when I was 19 so I understand haha! The wide eyed looks from strangers when they find out how old you were... so much fun;)