Saturday, July 10, 2010

ClaireandJanae's Treasury Challenge

Have you seen the Treasury Challenge on my shop blog? A Team member is featured this week and you should all enter! Go Here to post your entry.

I quoted the post but you have to post here.

Treasury Challenge Week 8

I have been so excited about the treasury challenges on etsy lately. This is our 8th week picking a challenge and people are really talented! I feel like i am getting better at making treasuries just being involved. I like to mix up how I pick the winners- sometimes others vote, sometimes I pick, last week I asked the person featured to pick a winner. As always if you get featured on the front page you automatically get a prize.

Here is the Item this week.

This week The treasury item is from Shelleanne's shop. She is actually my sister but she is also the person who introduced me to etsy. I can't believe I had never heard of it and she showed me how to set up the shops and even featured me in a treasury that got on the front page. My big sister has always helped me out. She doesn't tell many people on etsy this but she actually has some health problems and has had multiple brain surgeries in addition to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It affects her ability to work but she always has great ideas for making things.

Rachelle makes hair pins and I am probably her number one customer. I just like having a little color- especially since the great debacle where I decided I should get bangs. Big mistake.
You can follow her on twitter :
I love her new hair pins.

first off, please follow my shop blog. now for the official rules:
  1. Go to the Treasury page of Etsy HERE and make a treasury with ANYTHING, as long as the Mermaid Antique Brass hair pins are included in the first three rows of the treasury.
  2. Put "Treasury Challenge" somewhere in the title of the treasury.
  3. Link Back to this blog post- that way people can find the challenges and you can get credit for referring them!
  4. Tag your treasury "treasury challenge"
  5. COMMENT with your link to the treasury- BUT YOU HAVE TO COMMENT HERE.
  6. Please refer people- tell them to say you sent them. If the winner mentions your name you will also get a the same prize they do.
  • I am super excited to see what people will come up with. I contact the winner through etsy. Sometimes I am slow. It can take up to four days after I post the winner to contact you- what can I say, my kiddos are crazy right now. If you see that you have one sent me a convo with your address and I will send you a prize.
  • if your treasury makes front page you win a ten dollar gift card in addition to other prizes from this competition.
  • MULTIPLE TREASURIES ARE ALLOWED. and encouraged. You can feature this item to your hearts content.
  • if the item sells out just pick a different item from the shop- as long as you link back here and write a comment you are good to go.
The prize this week? a 20 dollar Amazon Gift Card. I can send it right to your email address which I LOVE. Or a target gift card in the mail, which is slower.