Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Month Challenge

I was doing a little month Challenge on my blog and I thought I should have one for the LDS Etsy team. actually I think we should all participate in more challenges. If members are having challenges on their blogs, let me know and I will post about them here.
Here is the entry about entering the Month Challenge on the Claireandjanae blog:
you should enter there because you can win things, which is AWESOME.


>> Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here you can enter the official Month Challenge with Claireandjanae. Do you make things? Do you want to make things? This month we are hosting a month challenge where you make one thing every day. Maybe you sew an apron or make some custom drapes. Maybe you do an illustration, or make a beautiful necklace. For the next 30 days make a consecutive item and you will be entered to win a gift card to Amazon.com

YOU HAVE 14 days to sign up for the month challenge- just leave a comment on this post. In you want you can comment on my daily posts with pictures of your items, or a link to your etsy shop or flikr or whatever. I want to see pictures!

want to donate a prize? contact me!

Making things every day has been interesting so far. It has only been six days. I always feel like I have so many projects- home, church, and I don't always make things for Etsy or for my kids. I was looking at my stack of fabric and it is a bit overwhelming. I thought one item a day would be more manageable, and so far it is going well. I even made an item while I had the flu last week. It was simple, but I couldn't just quit! Every night I make the item and then in the morning I snap a few pictures with my daughter during babies nap time and post what I made.

I am still hoping to make a few quilts this month- I thought if I just did a little at a time I could finish them.

Of course my sister in law asked if making food counts- yes it does, especially if it is a dessert and you shared it with people you love.

What did you make today? enter the challenge today!

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