Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photo Focus

How is the best way to use your 5 photos-per-item in your Etsy shop?

Focus your first picture on the item itself, or (depending on the type of item) get a close-up on a detail of the item. Etsy's administrative team, buyers, and sellers love for this picture to be stunning, ethereal, and compelling.

The easiest way to get good lighting on a tight budget or limited resources is to be out on a sunny day. However, having the item in direct sunlight will over-expose its color, so find a spot with sufficient light, but in the shade. I don't recommend the shade of a tree, though, because trees let little bits of sunshine through that make it hard for a camera to focus. Just find a spot outdoors in shade and click-away!

If you are running into the problem of cloudy days, rainy days, etc., Etsy has suggestions on taking photos in other conditions here (
“I prefer to photograph outside, but it’s often too dark or raining. Help!” Low-light or dull days don’t have to equal dull photographs. Excellent photography doesn't have to be bright.).

The rest of your photos should show some detail, such as (depending on your type of product):
~Suggestions for use
~Customizing ideas or options
~Other angles or views (ie: inside of a purse)

The Princeton by Cherry Blossoms

Depending on the item, you may have a few picture slots leftover. At this point, it's customary to use a Team Badge. Members of the LDS Members of Etsy have a Team Badge, which can be copied from the image below. Save it to your hard drive and upload it to your pictures. It a great way to network, advertise your fellow team members, and/or just show that you're involve in Etsy communities.


  1. What great pointers! I agree the picture sells the item. Thanks for including my picture of my dahlia's.

  2. Another great article! Thanks for all the shop help!

  3. Thanks, you can never learn too much about taking photo's of your products!