Monday, June 25, 2012

Perfect Timing

Ever wonder why we stress so much about time? I mean we learn in the Scriptures how time is measured differently to Heavenly Father than it is to us. Some of us know this is true when we get these amazing patriarchal blessings and then get frustrated when the blessings don't come into our lives for years or even in this lifetime.

This past Sunday I woke up an hour after I should have been at church. When I asked my daughter why she didn't wake me up, she said she had but I told her I wasn't going, that I was too tired. (I don't remember any of that conversation.) After getting my slew of kids together we raced off to church for the last hour and a half.

Although the Relief Society lesson was that we need not let our fears keep us from sharing the Gospel with others, the lesson I learned was to have faith in Heavenly Father to know there are reasons for being late, sometimes ones we never know about. After church we stayed for a baptism, and it was tough on my two year old. I know there would have been no way we could have stayed if we had gotten to church on time.

One time I took the Greyhound cross country and the whole trip was one big frustration, with waits as long as 8 hours.  During our journey, we got stuck in the traffic of a major accident where an oil truck had exploded and killed those nearby. If we had been on time we would have been caught in that terrible tragedy. After seeing that happen, it really calmed me down and I felt a humble gratitude to Heavenly Father for knowing and having the perfect time schedule to keep me and my children safe.

This week, after struggling for two years to come up with a design I love for my website, I finally was able to create it. It all happened because I had an unhappy customer who had bought one of my workshops and didn't see any of the templates that she liked that were for free in a certain design. So instead of getting frustrated at her moans, groans, and negative complaints, I set out to design it for her free of charge because I knew she was on a set income. And boy has it blessed my life! I even came up with a beautiful redesign for my spiritual strength page with wonderful quotes to boot. If you get a chance check it out at

I have a testimony that we are always on course as long as we strive to keep Heavenly Father the center of our thoughts and actions. May we always find the way to stay focused on that instead of any set time is my prayer for us!


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  1. Thanks so much for this Linda!! I always find myself in a rush and always feel like I'm pushing myself and my family along. It's exhausting and it's good to remember that sometimes things happen for a reason and we're always on God's time not our own.