Sunday, June 3, 2012

Share the Gospel by Reading the Book of Mormon in Public

This Sunday was Stake Conference. It was mostly about the challenge the stake president had given us to read the Book of Mormon by June. Many bore their testimonies on the difference they felt in their families as they did this. I'm sure you have probably heard testimonies that were similar to most of the ones borne today. But let me share one with you that might actually help you to make the Book of Mormon one that you personalize on the outside as well as inside its pages. 
This one sister said that the gospel was her passion. She had spiral bound and laminated a regular copy of the Book of Mormon which she took everywhere. She said she traveled by plane 15 times in a 10-month period and each time she would take her book out to read it. Others could look at it and start conversations with her about it. She shared how she connected with them by always showing interest in their lives as well and would find a way to answer their questions so as to show them how the book could give them strength in their personal lives. She advised us that we needed to change our prayers from finding someone to share the book with to being given the wisdom to know how to answer their questions, because we members are now the talk of the times since the Church has had so much attention drawn to it in the media.

Sharing the gospel has been on my mind for some time. I made a page on my website that I called My Spiritual Strength. I used to have it on my regular toolbar, but since I have been redoing my website over the last week or so, I only have it listed on my Connect Page because I want only those who are really interested to find it so that it is not exposed to ridicule. If you'd like to take a look at it you can find it at

I'm open to suggestions on how I can better share this info with others. Also, please comment on how you have found it easiest to share with others about the Book of Mormon and other gospel-sharing techniques you have found to be useful in fulfilling this scared duty of sharing the gospel with others.

May Heavenly Father bless us all in our efforts to move His work forward, no matter how big or small they may be, is my prayer. Have a very blessed week andmay all your efforts prosper!

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  1. At tithing settlement in December, our bishop challenged each family to read the Book of Mormon together this year. We have accepted that challenge and are getting so much more out of it than with past attempts. This book was truly written for our day, I see so many parallel events that happened in their history repeating in current times.

  2. I really like your website! I'm a little on the shy side when it comes to sharing the gospel. I like to find ways to share using my talents.