Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You're Not Alone

I remember sitting in the car as my mom played "You’re Not Alone" by Michael McClean over and over again. I cringed every time the CD was put back on that track and soon started making fun of my mom’s constant hitting of the back button on the stereo.  Although at the time I didn’t appreciate the repetition, I do now for one reason—the song has stuck with me.

Here’s a little song to help you get along
It will see you through when you’re feeling blue
And though it’s not profound when you’re feeling down
So down
Sing this little tune and you’ll feel better soon
You’re not alone, even though right now you’re on your own
You are loved in ways that can’t be shown, your needs are known
You’re not alone
And when you cry you’re just letting go a heartache deep inside
So tomorrow there’ll be sunshine and sky and love close by
You’re not alone
Well I know that it’s not easy, but I know that it won’t last
Cause one who loves you more than me
Is sending blessings fast
You’re not alone…say it one more time, “I’m not alone”
And even when it’s hard to find the words
Your prayers are always heard
You’re not alone
I love those comforting words. “You’re not alone. . . . You are loved in ways that can’t be shown, your needs are known.” I have found those words to be true throughout my life. I know that we never have to face anything by ourselves. God, our all-powerful, loving Father, is always right by our side, holding our hand, and leading us home. He doesn’t give us hard things to punish us or condemn us, but rather to teach us and help us to reach our full potential. I know that if we turn to Him in humble prayer and make a sincere effort to make Him a part of our lives, He will fill us with a knowledge of His love for us.

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