Friday, June 1, 2012


As Etsy sellers, many of us spend a lot of time creating things. Those who sell crafts make wonderful creations from everything from yarn, to buttons, to fabric, and in between. Vintage and supply sellers create as well by writing descriptions for their listings, designing their webpage, etc. There truly are so many ways that we create every single day. I love this movie made from one of President Uchtdorf’s talks.

This is my favorite quote from the video:

“The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit, the greater your capacity to create. That is your opportunity in this life and your destiny in the life to come.” (Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Happiness, Your Heritage,” Nov. 2008 general conference)

I have felt this in my life so much. The more I make time for the Lord and His work, the more I am able to develop my talents. I am thankful for the opportunity Etsy gives us to share what we create with others. However, sometimes I find myself so caught up in Etsy that I forget to make time for the most important things. Even though Etsy is lots of fun, it does have a way of monopolizing lives. As we balance our time, remember to heed the promptings of the Spirit, and put God first in all that we do, I know we will be blessed with an even greater capacity to create and with greater success in all aspects of our lives.



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