Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Make a Treasury on Etsy

One of the rules of our team is to make a team treasury once a month. Leisa from Can Do Stitching is our top treasury maker! You can be, too. If not knowing how to make a treasury is holding you back, here is a five-step tutorial to help you. (Click on photos for a larger view.)

How to Make a Treasury

1. Sign into Etsy. Scroll down the home page to "More Ways to Shop" on the left sidebar and click "Treasury."

2. On the right, under "Curator Tools," click "Create a List."

The draft page looks like this:

3. Open a new window or tab and find items you want to put in your treasury. Once you find something, copy the url. Do this by right clicking the title under the item's photo and then clicking "Copy shortcut" (or "Copy link location"),

or you can click on the item, right click the url at the top of the page, and then choose "Copy."

4. Paste the url into a box where it says "Listing URL" by right clicking and choosing "Paste." Then click "ok" and the item will appear.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the treasury is complete. Rearrange the order of the listings by dragging the boxes around. Remove an item by hovering over the top of the box and clicking "remove." Make sure you have included a title, description, privacy settings, and tags (add "lds team"). Remember to feature at least 4 team members. You can feature sellers from other teams as well if they allow it. For our team, make sure all items meet LDS standards. When you are done, hit "Save" at the bottom.

For even easier treasury making, check out, which allows you to click on an icon next to an item to send it to the treasury instead of copying and pasting, to save a draft to finish later, and to send a mass message to all the featured shops.

After You Make a Treasury

Your published treasury will look like this:

The curator is you, the person who made the treasury. Stats will show you how many views, listing clicks, and admirers the treasury received. There are buttons to share the treasury on Facebook and Twitter. You can also edit or delete your treasury.

Post the treasury in our team's discussion thread by copying and pasting the url as explained in steps 3 & 4. The treasury will also show in the activity feed of those who follow you and of those who are featured in the treasury.

People can comment on the treasury. Those who are featured will have a yellow "featured" box under their photo, allowing you to see which sellers appreciate treasuries they're featured in so you can keep featuring them instead of those who are not supportive. Sending sellers a message that they are featured is helpful in gaining support.

To access other treasuries you've made or make new ones, go to the right on the treasury you just made and look under "Curator tools". To make a new treasury, click "Create List." To see your treasuries, click "Your Treasury Lists."

You can also click on your name at the top of any Etsy page and see your treasuries on your profile if you have it set to show them.

If you have not and would like to, click "Edit Profile" on the right of your profile page. On the bottom of the settings page under "Include on Your Profile" choose "Treasury lists" and hit "Save." Now they will show up on your profile!

I hope this tutorial was clear and helpful. Leave a comment if you have any more questions. I hope to see more team treasuries now!

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  1. Thank you! I'm much more confident about setting up my treasury now.