Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Featured Seller: Roanne from Grandma Grizzly's Teddy Bear Wear

This week's featured team member is Roanne from Grandma Grizzly's Teddy Bear Wear.

I learned most of my basic sewing from Grandmother. She was quite the homemaker/craftsperson. Then all the other sewing and knitting skills (good, bad, and otherwise) I just kind of learned on my own by trial and error--mostly error!

A good friend of mine started on Etsy about 3 years ago and I had no idea what Esty was all about. When she explained it to me and said that it may be a great way to get my teddy bear wear in front of a new audience, I got interested. I had virtually no e-commerce experience, but Etsy makes it so easy. And you can't beat the fees! I have decided that Etsy stands for "Easy To Sell Your (stuff)." I wouldn't conduct my business through Etsy if I had anything other than good experiences from it. Sure, it can be a bit time consuming to keep up with the marketing, but I get to stay home--in my pjs if I want.

The gospel keeps me on track with my everyday dealings with customers, suppliers, and the Etsy community in general. I can immediately detect if someone is misrepresenting what they're selling or if they're dealing with someone in an unethical way. But I'm glad to say that I've seen very little of that on Etsy. In my own business I strive to provide good value, positive and beneficial service to the customer, and an honest days work for an honest days pay ("By the sweat of thy brow")!

Check out Grandma Grizzly's Teddy Bear Wear for more cute patterns for your (grand)children's teddy bears or for personalizing a teddy bear for a gift!

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