Saturday, December 1, 2012

Etsy Talk: Feedback

Reviewing Feedback
When you want to buy from a seller, it is important to review their feedback first. One or two negative comments out of a hundred good ones is usually not cause for worry. It's usually a customer who always finds fault (even if the order was fine or the seller fixed any problems) or a one-time, bad-luck deal where everything went wrong for the seller. If the comments are really old, the seller has most likely improved since then. Problems to look out for are bad communication and refusal to refund incorrect, late, damaged, or lost orders.

To look up feedback left for a buyer you are wary of, enter their username on the Tools 4 Etsy site.

Leaving Feedback
Because it usually cannot be changed, be careful leaving feedback. As a seller, wait to leave feedback for buyers until they leave you feedback. If they don't, then wait until you know for sure they have received the item. You can then assume that no news is good news.

As a buyer, try to work out any problems with the seller before leaving negative feedback. Give the seller a chance to explain or correct the problem. If everything works out, you can then include in your positive feedback that although you had a problem, the seller fixed it. Other buyers like to know that if anything goes wrong, the seller is able and willing to make it right.

If you had a positive experience but have suggestions for improvement for the seller, send them a private message instead of including it in your feedback. If your experience was okay but nothing to rave about, not leaving any feedback is a kinder option than giving a neutral. The feedback option for the item/buyer will disappear after 120 days.

Asking for Feedback
If people are not leaving you feedback, include a message in the note to buyer, your policies, and/or your business card included in their package that says something like, "Thank you for your purchase! If you've enjoyed our interaction, I would really appreciate you leaving me feedback. If there were any problems, please let my try to fix them before you leave a negative comment. Thanks!"

Remember that some people don't leave feedback because they will only return to Etsy when they plan on buying something again, they might have had a neutral experience but don't want to ruin your perfect feedback score, or they are simply unaware that they can leave feedback or don't know how to do so.

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