Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To Renew or Not to Renew?

When a listing expires, do you wonder whether or not you should renew it? I do! Here are some guidelines I follow to help decide:
  1. Is it a seasonal item? The best time to initially list seasonal items is months before. That way they're available for early shoppers and expire right after the holiday. If the item can double up for other holidays or seasons, then renew away! If not, keep it expired until the next year.
  2. Is it an inexpensive item? Twenty cents may seem small, but if you keep renewing a low-cost item that doesn't sell, you'll lose money on it, even if it eventually sells. Instead, try pairing it with another item or increasing the quantity (and thus price) of the item.
  3. Has it been renewed 2 times already? Every listing stays active for four months, so after 2 renewals, it's been up for a year. If it hasn't sold in a year, then leave it out and try selling it somewhere else or using it as a gift or for a giveaway.
  4. Has it already sold? If an item sells, usually renewing it (if applicable) is a great idea! However, if it's been one of those items that has been around forever and then finally sold, be happy it's gone and move on to listing something new (or at least improved).
I hope this helps! Share any other tips you have.

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