Friday, October 12, 2012

God Is in the Details of Our Lives

Wasn't General Conference wonderful? I really enjoyed it. I especially love this quote from President Monson.

"God is in the details of our lives."

I have found this to be so true. Our loving Father in Heaven truly does care about the big things and the small things in our lives.

This summer I went on a trip to Utah with my Mom. One night, we decided to explore the new mall built close to Temple Square. As we browsed through Macy's, I found a dress that I wanted to try on. It was kind of just randomly placed in the store--there weren't any other dresses like it I could find. Because it wasn't where it was supposed to be, I didn't know if it was on sale or not. I decided to try it on anyway and it fit really nicely. However, when the cashier checked the price for us, it was nearly $100 dollars. Don't get me wrong, it was cute, but that price was a little bit out our budget. I hung it back up and decided I'd check my local Macy's Outlet store later on in the season to see if one turned up on clearance.

When I was returned home later in the week, I found myself running to the mall to pick up a blouse for a family portrait. I ended up looking in the Macy's Outlet store. I felt strangely prompted to look at the dresses. It was weird, since I was there for a blouse, but I went anyway. As I glanced through the racks, to my surprise  the exact same cut and color of dress I had tried on in Salt Lake practically fell into my hands. I checked the size, and it was perfect. I was stunned. I hadn't expected it to be in the clearance center so soon, let alone to find the exact same color and size! I looked at the price tag and it was 75 percent off the price it had been in Utah. I know that God was looking out for me. He knew that finding that dress would mean a lot to me. Amidst the billions of things He had to do that day, he took a moment to let me know that I was special to Him.

I know this is sort of an odd example and some of you might think this was just a random coincidence. However, I know that this was a tender mercy of the Lord. He truly is "in the details of our lives." He loves us and He knows our hearts. When we make the effort to build a relationship with Him, God will bless us in ways innumerable.


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