Friday, October 19, 2012

Featured Seller: Tammy from Honey Suckle Cabin

This week's featured seller is Tammy from Honey Suckle Cabin. Here's her crafting history:

I learned to sew from my mom and 4-H leaders.  I've had an interest in crafts since I was very small. My mom taught the "Firelight" girls in Primary and was teaching them to knit. I was 6 years old and watched the whole process, and to my mom's surprise, taught myself to knit. I made knitted slippers for myself and for the rest of my family too! I learned to crochet after that, and I spent my time making stuffed animals, mainly turtles. When I was in 5th and 6th grade, I made most of my own wardrobe. What a dork I must have been!

Santa brought me a Bernina sewing machine when I was 14. I have been a sewing fool ever since. I made dancing costumes for my Jr. Drill team! When I was 16, I had a YW leader who was in the local quilt guild. She helped me make a trip-around-the-world quilt, which I gave to my auntie for her 50th birthday. Next I made a double wedding ring quilt for my older sister's wedding and an Irish chain quilt for my brother's wedding.

After I married and had a child, I started sewing quilt tops for Mormon Handicraft. I stuck with that for a lot of years. When my oldest daughter got married, I made her a quilt but didn't have time to hand quilt it, so I paid someone to machine quilt it. After that, I was hooked and bought my own quilting machine.  My old Bernina started having troubles, and the company told me it was on its last leg. I purchased the latest and greatest embroidery machine from them, the 180. (My old Bernina still works great and I do most of my straight stitches on her still!)

I don't remember how I heard about Etsy, but when my youngest daughter started first grade, I knew I needed to keep myself busy and contribute to the family fund, so I joined Etsy in 2008. I didn't list anything because right after that I applied for a job at the school and have worked there ever since. My oldest daughter has 2 girls that I sew a ton for, and she suggested last summer that I do Etsy. I told her I already had a shop! Since it was summer and I wasn't working, I decided it was a good time to start again. I took pictures with my phone and uploaded them and suddenly I had orders!

Everything I do has gospel influences. Through Etsy, I feel I share the gospel with each baptism towel I make. I thrill in my God-given talent and feel that it is a blessing given to me. I feel that the little quilts and blankets bless the homes they go to. I particularly enjoy making traditional scrap quilts, because they share my pioneer heritage with others!
Check out Honey Suckle Cabin for more pretty items!

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