Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Make Marketing Manageable: Twitter

Many of us get overwhelmed when we even think about marketing. So often we think we will pay the extra money to Etsy so that our items will get more views in hopes that will equal more sales. This is not necessarily true because you are tying to appeal to what marketers refer to as your cold market.

The best way I have found to make sales happen is to connect with the different social networks. Today I just want to give you a few pointers about the platform Twitter.

  • I have found that the best way to grab the attention of my followers on Twitter is to assemble a newsletter on the different products I sell and how they can benefit from them. Then I tweet about the value it contains and I allow it to do the work for me. One month I received a $250 order from doing this, just to give you an idea of how well this works.
  • Some points to write about in your newsletters are the trends your items address, or how your items address emotional or physical needs. People buy what makes them feel good, either about themselves, or about you, so allow yourself to share in your newsletter what compelled you to create your product.
  • I have found that the less tweets I do a day, the more attention I get when I tweet because my followers have found that I only talk when I have something interesting to share.
  • Did you know that you can connect with the contacts that you follow on Twitter simply by going to their websites, if they have one, and finding their contact information?  This is something that has been helpful for me when I've wanted to increase my followers. To make the connection a good one, make sure you have something in common that your conversations are ones you can build a relationship on.
These are just a few things to try, if you haven't already. There are a ton more ideas coming as I really find joy in marketing! Just remember to relax and enjoy yourself as you share your items with the public.
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