Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Treasury Initiative

Some team members have asked for tutorials and ideas about the team. I love this team- I was so excited that we were on the front page last week. and I curated the treasury :-) I thought we should all keep in mind the pointers etsy gives us for making a treasury.
I am still compiling the list of our members to use in treasury making. The people on the list so far are those that have given me their etsy mini, so they are probably more active than other members. Some of the most popular etsy sellers aren't as active in the group- PROBABLY because they are really busy with sales- but they have excellent products and pictures so they are fun to include. I think the best place to find members is our etsy team page- but some of the newest members can take a few weeks to update.

THE LDS ETSY TREASURY TEAM INITIATIVE- we try to make treasuries for the team each monday (thanks annavirginiafashioneering) and would love if everyone made treasuries featuring team members once a week. you can post them on facebook and our google group, then we can all look at your ideas.

Tips for making a team treasury:
  • include at least 8 lds etsy team members
  • NEVER include yourself. a treasury where the curator featured themselves has NEVER been on the front page. It never will I think.

    *Keep this next part in mind, which I took directly from the link below: “The Treasury is not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share the many cool things for sale on Etsy.”


  • When you make a treasury- remember to put the link on our facebook page- we need more action over there.
  • look for shops with lds team tag
  • have a theme- color or mood or item
Helpful sites:
Craftcult- has archives and screen shots of front page treasuries- browse them for ideas and the "feel" of what etsy wants
Craftopolis - has a search feature to see if you are featured in treasuries
Etsy Poster Sketch tool lets you lay out your treasury and move things around before you are done

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