Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spotlight Sunday: Kellycrunner

I love the Pink Elephant Shop from kellycrunner. She has such a great shop on Etsy- I love her photos and they are so colorful. I am really impressed with her etsy skills. It was hilarious when she sent me her photos and said "here is photo of me in my kitchen- oops, I mean studio" I love it.

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Etsy shop- my etsy shop

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How did you get started on etsy?

I like to make my own things. People would start to ask me where I got it, or do I sell it, or if not I should. In May of 2008 I discovered etsy after seeing Emily Martin on Martha Stewart. I finally set up shop in Jan. of 2010.

Tell us a bit about yourself....

I am 26 years old a wife and mother to 2 boys age 3 and 16 months. I love to run, watch movies, and I LOVE to listen to music. Music is what inspires my work. My voice box never fully developed and as a result my voice sounds like a child. And I have a crazy obsession for buttons.

Apart from creating thing, what do you do?

I am a mom and wife first. I am a crazy bargain shopper, which landed me the calling as the "Relief Society consumer specialist." I run when I can. I did a small voice over job for an animated educational series and would like to do more of that when the kids get a little older. I mostly just like to be with my family, I am very much a home body.

What first made you want to become an artist?

Well I have wanted to be an artist since I was in 2nd grade and I won an art contest. However I did not expect that I would develop into this type of art.

Describe your creative process.

I usually see fabric I love and then go home and play with it. I am also very inspired by music and films. Many times I will hear a cool song and then imagine a cool piece to match my interpretation of it.

What handmade possession to you cherish most?

That is a hard one. I would have to say it was this clay vase I made in ceramics when I was in 11th grade.

How do I promote my work?

Mostly by wearing it and people ask where I got it, also facebook, and blogger.
Top 5 books, movies, musicians, and websites.

This one is SO hard for me, so I am going to skip the websites so I can put more music and films.
The book of Mormon
My name is Asher Lev

The Life Aquatic
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
The Sound of Music
Cry Baby
Funny Face

Tegan and Sara
Depeche Mode
Florence and the Machine
Thom York/Radiohead

How does your faith influence your work?

Knowing that Heavenly Father has given me this talent to share with others inspires me to practice daily. I am grateful everyday for it.

Where do I want to be in 10 years?

I really have not thought too much about that. I just take each day as it comes.

What is your favorite item in your shop?

Right now I am liking THE ALICE- DELICATE PINKS, AQUAS, AND CREAMS WITH A BIT OF LACE. It is very feminine and pretty.

Top 5 shops on etsy.

How has selling on etsy changed your life?

I think it has forced me to keep up with my talents and push me to do and learn new things.

thanks for being part of the team!


  1. Thank you so much for having me, and for all you do for the LDS team!

  2. Congrats Kelly, your stuff is darling! Your mom sent me over via Facebook...I would love to talk to you about a giveaway on my blog, if you are interested. I love featuring Etsy and mompreneurs.

    i am also going to follow this blog...LDS Etsy, cool!

  3. Kelly, your stuff is adorable, I'm totally in love with your shop right now! It was fun getting to know you a little better.

  4. Kelly is the coolest chick I know and her craftiness rocks my world too!

  5. Wonderful Spotlight Kelly! You are one talented women!! Great job with your etsy site, you are doing awesome.