Friday, May 11, 2012

Etsy Talk: Cross Linking

Sal from Simply Sal Boutique will be writing on our blog on Fridays. Here is her first post:

I'm so excited! With some help from the friendly people on the Etsy Business Topics Team, I figured out how to cross link my listings and shop home page, and what a difference it makes in getting views from Google.
I know all you Etsy alumni probably know how to do this, but for all us beginners I thought I'd just explain how to do it:
1. Decide what other listings you would like to link to your item.
2. Copy and paste their links into your item's listing.

It's that easy-- just copy and paste! I also put a link to my shop home page to make navigation easier.

I did some test Google searches after cross-linking my listings and came up on some search terms that it didn't used to. I had heard of doing this, but never understood the point. Wow-- it makes such a difference. :)
Best Wishes!

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