Sunday, May 13, 2012

Creators of Nations

Linda from Ruoiled will be blogging on Sundays. Here is her first post:

Happy Mother's Day to all our sisters who read this blog. I want to take a moment to introduce myself; I'm Linda from the shop Ruoiled (Are you oiled). I am excited to share in the writing of this blog on my favorite day of the week, Sunday.

Some would say this is breaking the Sabbath, but I do not consider it work because I am going to stay focused on sharing things that inspire me from church. Today was an interesting day because we just had a missionary return this past week in our ward and we will be sending off another missionary from our ward on Wednesday. The missionary that returned is now a new person. He glows unlike the young man who left here. Before, he was closed and seemed so worldly with his sloppy clothes, unkempt hair, and eyes that seemed empty. Many of the brethren worked hard to get this young man ready to go on his mission. I was doubtful that it would happen, much less last 2 years. But his parents' faith paid off. And he was so beautiful to look at today, in his missionary attire, minus the tag. I know I have learned a lot through witnessing that miracle!

Then began the speakers for Sacrament Meeting. It was so wonderful to hear from the mother of the missionary who will be going, of how the great grandmother's husband was called on a mission in the beginnings of the Church and even though they were struggling that they decided he needed to serve the Lord. Well, that dear brother had an accident befall him on his journey to begin his mission and was killed. The sister was struggling to provide for her small children for they were really poor and lived in a house made of sod. That winter there were holes in the walls that let in the cold and she became very ill with tuberculosis. Well, she heard from her brother who invited her to come take over the home that her parents left behind, but withone condition, that she forsake the Mormon religion. He said he would wait to receive her letter when she had enough of living in poverty. She quickly told him that he would never receive such a letter, that she was committed to the truth found in the Church. A few weeks later she died. Her children were raised by one of the apostles. And now this young missionary was the seventh generation of missionaries from this sister.

Then the father in the talk said this profound sentence: we mothers are creators of nations. That rang deep in my heart. How often do we consider the greatness of our positions as mothers in Zion? I don't know about anyone else, but I struggle to find the time to create items in my Etsy store. I shamefully and humbly admit that I don't always know how to balance my quiver full of children, care for my 80-year-old diabetic father who requires monitoring of his diet and blood sugar and has to be reminded to go to the bathroom, along with the full time job of creating items, a website, videos, conference calls, photographing items, creative writing for the listings, and managing the different social media sites to get the word out. I have faith that I am working a mighty work, connecting Energy Medicine with the scriptures in my blog here on Blogspot, as well as on my website; however, I plan to go forward from this day remembering that these beautiful children are the beginnings of my future nation. 

May all of us mothers find a way to relate our love for the gospel in such a way that it becomes the very nature of our children, that should the Lord call us home before they make it to adults, we will instill in them a determination to be future missionaries and leaders in moving the work of the Lord forward in these latter days.

Hope all who read this blog will feel inspired to make whatever necessary changes they need to make to allow time to cultivate the creation of their future nation is my prayer. 

God Bless,

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