Friday, February 22, 2013

Treasure Treasuries

Do you wonder why I push treasury making so much? Treasuries give you exposure in many ways:

1. To Etsy sellers. Many Etsy sellers are also Etsy buyers because they want to support other Etsy sellers.

2. To Etsy buyers. Treasuries that Etsy admin likes are put on the front page--a new one every hour--so when people go to your item may be the first thing they see! I have had 3 items in front-page treasuries. My views were very high those days. I think I even got one sale from them. (You can see if you have been on the front page by entering your username under "search for member" here:

People can also search for treasuries as collections for one-stop buying. For example, they can search for a woodland wedding treasury to find an already put-together collection of great items they may like for their wedding. It beats browsing through hundreds or thousands of items that result from a regular Etsy search!

3. To other sites. People post treasuries on their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards, and blogs. That's a lot of potential customers being exposed to your shop!

Thanks, everyone, for making this month the best in team treasuries! Keep it up!

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