Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get "My Etsy" on Your Facebook Page

This article I wrote is very helpful, but I've realized that some of you have found a hurdle that you can't jump!

"My Etsy" is an application that you can add to your Facebook Page and can be very nice - unless you can't get it to work!  I've found that some people have Secure Browsing enabled in their privacy settings, and that setting doesn't allow My Etsy to connect.  Here's how to navigate the maze of Facebook and get My Etsy onto your page! (click on any image to enlarge!)

Log into your Facebook account.
In the upper right hand corner there is a little arrow facing down (same place that gives you the menu with the Log Out option). Click on the arrow, click on Privacy Settings.

Scroll down to Apps and Websites and click on Edit Settings. In the Apps You Use section click on Edit Settings.


In the menu on the left, click on Security.

Check your Secure Browsing - if it's enabled My Etsy won't work. Click Edit.

You'll have to disable it (I think you can re-enable it after you've added My Etsy. It just doesn't want to add it while it's enabled!).  Un-check "Browse Facebook using secure connection (https) when possible" and click Save Changes.  It will now say that Secure browsing is disabled. 

From here, you can type in My Etsy in the search bar. The app will be a selection. Click it.

Click Add To My Page.

If you are an admin on multiple pages, you'll need to choose which one. Click Add My Etsy.

It will then take you to the Wall of your Page. Click on My Etsy in the menu on the left.

You will need to enter in your Etsy username.Click Submit.

Decide if you want to show your favorites or just your own shop.  I did just my own shop for my page.  Click Create My Etsy Tab.

It's ready to go!  To see it, click on the My Etsy tab in the menu on the left!

Any other questions or problems?  Mention them in the comments and I'll see what answers I can find!


  1. Thank you...that was a perfect tutorial:)

  2. Great tutorial. Worked perfect!

  3. When I click on the "my etsy" button on my page, it keeps giving me this message:
    "This Etsy user has no items for sale and no favorites at this time. Please check back later!"

    When I do in fact have items for sale in my etsy shop.


    1. Kristie:

      Sorry I am finally noticing your message! I will see what I can find out...!


  4. Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial. It was super helpful!