Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1st LDS Members of Etsy Chat

Thursday, January 14th 2012
8:00 PM MTS

Go to etsy, then click on the community tab (the fourth tab
over). Then click on the chat tab (fourth over). Then once in there you will see a list of chat
rooms. Find our chat under the name "LDS Members of Etsy" it will be
password protected. The password is "nephi" all lowercase.

A big thanks to those who set this up, this is very exciting!


  1. I am really excited! I will be late, I will try to get on asap. We have a ward social I have to be at. But I will come as soon as I can! I can't wait to meet you all!

  2. It was great getting to chat with some of you last night. It was good to hear some new ideas and get to meet some other LDS Etsy memebers.


  3. Yes, it was fun chatting with several of you! Hope everyone has a great year on Etsy!


  4. could we maybe have another get together chat? maybe have several people willing to start a chat a day and use the quote of the day on or rather the name of the originator of the quote as the password? that could be a standard! and hey it would get us looking at stuff we might not look at every day too!

  5. of course I don't mean sundays included that should be a given "except sundays"!!!!