Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Featured Seller: Nikki from I Do Yarn

This week's featured seller is Nikki from I Do Yarn. If I were having a girl, I would be all over her little dresses!

I knew how to embroider from my mother, who taught me when I was young. The women in my family always had a monthly get together called stitch n' chatter. I learned how to crochet when I was about eight years old from my grandma. She was always making beautiful things and I asked her if she would teach me. So, my grandma taught me the basics. At first my work was very tight, and she wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it. But it just took some practice, and pretty soon I learned how to loosen up my tension and stitches. I taught myself how to knit from books from the library when I was in my late twenties because I was interested in making a pattern I had seen.

I got started with Etsy last year after thinking about it for several months. My sister, Leisa (CanDoStitching), has been with Etsy for several years and has been enjoying it. I started thinking and wondering if items I made might sell. I asked my family what they thought. I got lots of positive feedback from them and suggestions on what they thought would sell. I then had a good conversation with Leisa, and she was very helpful with getting me started. There have been some ups and downs, and of course I am still working out some bumps, but overall it has been a good experience.

I believe the gospel influences what I make as I love to make things that bring me and others happiness. I enjoy making baby items because babies are sent to us from our Heavenly Father and are so close to Him still. I can imagine a sweet little baby wearing my items and how the new parents feel dressing their child up.
I also like to make items to beautify the home, like doilies, placemats, and kitchen towels. The home needs to be more than just a house; it needs to be a heaven on earth. I feel that when we have nice, pretty things in our homes, it helps to make the home more peaceful and enjoyable to be in. And if we enjoy being and spending time there then we won't seek to be in other places.

Check out I Do Yarn for more beautiful items!

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  1. That is my sister! lol She is very talented, as are all of my sisters and my Mom. I am a proud brother! I am happy to see my sisters doing something they enjoy and also making money! It is a thrill to see the amazing things that they can create! I love you!