Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Here are some of my favorite Mother's Day gifts from our team:

Print from Wonder Lane Art: Perfect for a from-daughter-to-mother gift. Reminds me of lyrics from a Primary song: "Dear Mother, all flowers remind me of you."

Temple Bracelet from Made by Maggie Mae: A great way to show your mother/wife you value and appreciate her going to the temple. And what woman doesn't love pearls?

Embroidery by Can Do Stitching: Great for the mom who likes to decorate the home with LDS art. Find more sayings in her shop.

Address Stamp from E. Hernandez Designs: Perfect for the mom who's always sending letters or wedding invitations. More designs can be found in the shop.

For more ideas, check out the Mother's Day gifts thread from our team page.


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  2. Oh, what a happy surprise to find my print here today! Thank you so much! I will take 10% off as well on my prints with the code LOVEMOM as well till Mother's Day! Great idea Leisa!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing my design! I'll throw in my own coupon for 10% off. Use coupon code LDSETSY at checkout.

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